Friday, June 30, 2006

Goat Books

The two goat books I purchased off ebay the other day arrived today, both fairly old, but a good starting point.

Looking forward to reading up on it and seeing if goats are for us, or not. One thing that does concern me is the regulations requireing you to register with DEFRA (or MAFF can't remember now).

I fancy a pair of small goats, mainly as pets, but some milk would be nice too, maybe have a go at cheese making.

Bantam House Sign

My Bantam house Sign has now arrived, can't wait to go and put it up, and for the Duck House sign to arrive.

Rosie's Assembley

Rosie had an assembly yesterday abouth their entry in to the Bee keepers competition to make a model out of recycled materials.

Rosie read out a piece, and all the children showed the model they had entered in the countryside day competition last week. They school came 8 aout of 25 teams so did very well.

They made a lovely bumble bee on a traditional hive, using mainly papier mache.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Skipton Sheep Day

Well we are off to Skipton on Sunday hopefully, for the Skipton Sheep Day. Should be a good day out, we have never been before but it looks interesting.

Now looking for an open farm or similier in the area to go to after.

Jamie the Tree Boy

Jamie was asked to cut back the tree in the front garden, in typical Jamie technics, he climbed the tree and set to work.

He worked hard cut back loads so the garden now looks like the aftermouth of a hurricane.

Pecker seems to have changed

Rosie called me last night to say that Pecker was now a boy.

The wood has arrived

Well after waiting all morning for my delivery from Earnshaws it finally came about 4 o'clock.

Andy set to work sorting, and sizing, can't wait for Friday night now to get down to the allotment to get the beds made.

Just need the top soil now.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thw Water Butt

Well after a good Downpour Monday Night and a small cloud burst tis morning the 210 litre water butt is already almost a quarter full.

I can't believe it.

The Banatms Get to explore the back Garden

We let the Bantams out in to the back garden today to explore.

They hid at first in the bush, but then got braver and explored the flower beds digging up bugs and eating the grass thats in seed.

They seemed to enjoy the log, and found many hiding places.

Pirate seemed interested, had a look for a while, even tried some of their food.

Henry's Held his Bantam

Henry has finally held his Bantam, he sat on the bench for about a minute and a half with Swimmer on his lap.

He then gave him a big kiss and cuddle, rubbed his Cheek on Swimmers head and said "she's so soft".

Monday, June 26, 2006

Khaki Campbell Ducks

Having done a little research, I am now looking at getting a pair of Khaki Campbell Ducks.

I mean when you look at those cute babies

The Bantam House Sign

I have just ordered a custom sign for the Bantam House can't wait till it arrives. (click the title to go to the ebay page for the rabbit version only £2.00).

Right is a picture of it as a work in progress, can't wait to see the finished plaque.

Bantams Bath

Swimmer after her Bath, looking a little wet

Alomst forgot Sunday Morning, decided to give the Bantams a bath as they were looking a little mucky.

Swimmer lived up to her rather unusual name and seemed to actually enjoy her bath, Cutie Pie and Purdie not worried either way, just me do it. Pecker on the other hand was not impressed.

Pirate the cat seemed more interested in trying to drink the rinse water.

By the end of the day I was able to let them out of their house again, looking all cute and fluffy again.

Water But

Finally got our water butt, Andy made a stand for it out of some spare wood.

So now all we need is Rain.

Sunday - Wakefield Green energy day

What a waste of time, it was typical council run event.

Hardly anything thing there, and what there was hadn't finished setting up.

Did get another free energy saing lightbulb though so shouldn't complain.

Chicken House New Roof

Visited B & Q (yes I know not the most eco frindly company) and purchsed the new material for a new roof for chicken house.

Also pond liner ready for the next purchase of livestock (watch this space).

Ackworth Country Show

Next we visited Ackworth Country Show at Nostell Priory.

Great little show, not very busy. Watched the Pony club displays. Fell in love with a nice old red tractor.

Looked at the display of Poultry Accomadation, have to say it was fairly shoddy.

A Busy weekend - Part One

Well its monday morning and we have had a busy weekend.

The kids were away so we got as much done as possible.

Visted Earnshaws Saw mill and ordered some rustic slab for my allotment raised beds. Being delivered Wednesday. Also found they sell huge bags of saw dust for only £2.99.

Also they now sell poulty houses made by a local firm Creature Comforts, really nice well priced very well made, may be getting one in the future.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bob the Builder

Has anybody noticed Bob has become very eco friendly.

Henry is watching it now, and Bob has just made a Yurt, the other day he made a straw build house.

Yorkshire Agricultural Society Countryside Day

Rosie had a school trip yesterday to the Countryside day.

She came home realy excited talking about the dancing sheep, beekeeping, the honey she tasted (despite hating honey), the willow weaving she did. A great day from the sounds of it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Soap Nuts

Well the soap nuts are going well, lovely clean washing, not good with Grass stains, but then nor is convential washing powder.

Girls like Rose oil for their washing, Jamie seems to preferYlang Ylang. Henry well he doesn't like any smell.

Compost Bin

Well the Compost Bin I ordered last month still hasn't arrived despite promises form the company that it would be here last weekend, and more promises that it would be here very soon.

Not impressed.

Farm Shops

Just found a great Website that helps you find Farmers Markets, Farm shops etc in your local area.

More From Wigfield Farm

As well as Henry falling in love with the Piglets, the goats fell in love with him.

Wigfield Farm

Yeasterday Henry and I went to a Teddy Bear's Picnic at Wigfield Farm, Worsbrough, Barnsley.

Henry fell in love instantly with the baby pigs.

The ones picturerd her are just 6 days old.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Everythings growing

The bantams are growing, they plants are growing, in fact the sunflowers are taking over the kitchen.

Busy time

Seem to have been really busy, but yet have nothing to post.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wakefield Green Day

Maybe of interest to someone, we will be going. Wakefield council are holding a Green energy day.

Allotment not good

Went down yesterday armed with spades and forks.

Didn't do very well, the ground is like rock, about half inch of soil on compressed clay and stones.

Looks like we may have to go for raised beds and buy or cadge topsoil.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Allotment ready to start

Well Jamie went down last nigt for me, the council have turned it over so we are already to start now.

Going down this morning, before it gets to hot.

Off Topic

Sadly yesterday we had to spend the day emptying the sailing club that we belong to.

We are active group leaders for a youth organisation who are in turn members of a sailing club. The sailing club is in a lovely location, but unfortuinaly in hot weather it attracts little ****** intent on doing damage. This last weekend was the worst ever, one of "our" (the youth organisations) boats was stolen, vanadlised and then sunk, another was damaged. The club house has had windows broken and the race box broken in to.

It was really sad, and I have an awful feeling that the building will almost certainly be torched this weekend, hence the reason we moved everthing we could out.

The police came, but were as always less than helpful.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Last night I ordered my first lot of Soapnuts, can't wait to try them. May take a while to get past the smell we all associate with clean though.

Jacobs Wool

As well as Bio Diesel, Andy brought me home two Jacobs Sheep fleeces.

So far I have manged to get one washed, so at least they do not smell as bad, might get another wash yet.

Haven't a clue what to do withem, but I'm sure we will have fun experimenting with Felt making etc.

Andy's Home

Well Andy is home from his Bio Diesel Course, which he enjoyed, he is now ready to start making his own.

He did of course bring home some Bio Diesel with him.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Welly Planting

Afyter finding an old pair of wellies in the garage, we decided to reuse them as planters.

First they filled their wellis with compost.

Henry then sowed radish seeds in his, lets hope they don't end up tasting like old boots.

Rosie sowed a selection of herb seeds in hers.

So in a few weeks we should have some interesting old boots next to back the back door, should bring a smile to the postmans face.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Andy's Course

Well Andy has just let me know that his course is going well, his groups first batch of Biodiesel is doing what ever Biodiesel does when its being made.

All Potted Up

After making some great little news paper pots the girls sat in the backgarden and planted up all maner of differant vegtables and herbs.

The pots were then watered and moved to the Mini Greenhouse.

News Paper Flower Pots

Having read several articles on Newspaper flower pots we decided to give it a go. Especially as we had lots of planting to do after the Mini Greenhouse episode.

Rosie and Susu folded, roilled and tucked an entire News paper, so that we could have environmentally friendly, biodegradable flower pots.

The pots were stood in trays, filled with Compost and then seeds planted. Before being moved to the Mini Greenhouse.


Somehow Jamie managed to ride home from the village with two growbags on his bike, not sure how he managed not to fall off.

Oh No

Disaster struck today, rosie went to check the Mini Greenhouse and found that a gust of wind had managed to blow it over.

So we now have a huge pile of compost with various mixed seeds and seedlings.

Rosie and Susu scrape all the compost back in to 3 trays, so we will have to see what grows where.

Bantams Growing Fast

Well its a week today since we got the Bantams and they are growing very fast.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bantam Paddling Pool

After watching the bantams showering, we decided to make them a paddling pool, they now have their very own shallow pool.

Photos to follow.

The Bantams and the Hose

Well looks like Henry's name of Swimmer for his Bantam wasn't so silly after all.

We decided to water a plant next to the coop today, the water was trickling through the fence much to the pleasure of the waiting bantams who all seemed to enjoy a paddle.

The Allotments

Had a quick look, still waiting for the council to dig them over.

The Duck Pond

Henry and Rosie feed the ducks, moorhens and even a rather friendly swan.

Henry also thought it would be a good idea to hand feed the swan, and ended up with sore fingers after it bit him.

Country walk

On Thursday we took a country walk down to the Allotment and Village pond to feed the ducks.

Henry rode his little Trike, its was really to hot but had to be done.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Chicken Feed

Yesterday we finally found a local shop that sells Poultry feed, not the make I wanted but its a start. Delivered today.

Will Carry on the hunt for non GM feed locally, or atleast by mail order.

Donkey's Goats etc

Well the livestock bug seems to be spreading, we have now been looking at Donkey's and Goat's.

The Bantam's all Have Names Now

Well the Bantam's all have names now.

Jamie's Green band Pecker
Susan's Pink Band Purdie
Rosie's Red Band Cutie Pie
Henry's Yellow Band Swimmer (no idea why)

And the cockerel orange band George (as in "Chicken George" from the series Roots)

First Bantams related Injury

Well Rosie has managed her first Bantam related injury, not from the bantams, but from the fence.

The water slipped out of her hands she went to grab it and ended up sratching her belly on the fence.

Mini Greenhouse

Yesterday we purchased a mini greenhouse. The house was hastily assembled when we got home. And Seeds planted by Rosie, also my window sills are now free of seedlings as these wher all moved out to the greenhouse.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mini Greenhouse

We purchased a Mini greenhouse, so we have now moved the numerous pots from the window ledge to the greenhouse.


Having searched our local library, but with no luck I ordered the following books from Amazon.

Allotment Gardening Susan Berger
Starting With Chickens Katie Thear
Garden Poultry Keeping J Barnes

So thats my Bedtime reading sorted for the next couple of nights.

Rosie First Bantam Picture

Rosie has spent some time this morning practising her art Skills and has produced this lovely picture of a Bantam Cockerel.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ringing the Bantams

Due to the fact that the Bantams all look the same, we decided to ring them all so we would know the difference.

Some were easier to ring than others.


We have now purchased lots of seeds and are ready to go.

The Allotment

Rosie and Henry have now visited the Allotment for the first time.

They loved the fact that just outside, chickens were roaming free along the road.

Not actually our allotment, but is the same allotment site, hopefully ours will look like this soon.

Henry strokes a Chickens

Henry decided he will stroke them, but not hold them yet.

First Hugs

Well the older two Jamie and Susan have both had a hug now as well, though Henry is yet to be tempted, not really surprising when you think what he knows about Avain Flu.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Practising their skills

Henry and Rosie have been out in the garden practising their digging and growing skills.

They have weeded and area of bed and are now ready to start planting.

Rosie Picks out her Bantam

Rosie seems to have picked out her Bantam, now called "Cutie Pie".
The Cat gets to know his new friends

The Bantams when they first arrived.

First Post

Well we signed the Tenancy Agreement for the allotment this morning, so we now have an allotment already to start planting.

We purchased the bantams on Saturday, so we have a happy family of 5, 1 male and 4 females. All polish silkies they are lovely.