Monday, July 31, 2006

Its raining,

At last its raining, okay well it was didn't come to much the sun is out again now.

But the ducks enjoyed it while it lasted.

Shows inYorkshire

The following shows are coming up, must try and get to some, especially the Sykehouse show as it really isn't far from here.

Tockwith show Aug 5th

Sykehouse show Aug 6th

Ripley show Aug 12th

Epworth show Aug 28th

Keighley show Sept 2nd

The Pond is Clean

Friday Rosie and I completly emptied the pond, scrubbed it clean and then refilled it, so the Ducks now have a lovely clean pond again.


I managed to get my sausage mincer and stuffer on Saturday, I have casings on order and now can't wait to get started.

Someones been in the ducks pen

We were out all day Saturday, taking the kids on the summer trip to visit relatives down south. We didn't get home till gone 10 and when we did we discovered the duck and bantam pen gate open.

Also duck poo outside the pen, so they had been out, but luckily had all gone back in after raiding the waterplants in the other pond.

The gate was secured, I checked it just before we left, so there was no way it could have blown open, and no reason for anyone to have been in there.

I have my suspicians about a possible pair of culprits, and will be watching them.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Green Bottles

I found a huge amount of green bottles in the garden yesterday (well about 6-8), urgh.

I have now ordered a Fly Trap which hopefully will cure the problem.

RIP Fifi

Sadly Rosie's new Goldfish (won on Sunday) passed away today, not really a huge shock I know, after all it was won on a hook a duck fairground attraction.

Fifi was burried in the garden last night.

Lets hope Goldie survives.

Milly Duccles

Sadly I have had to take the decision not to get thepair of Milly Duccles I wa due to get yesterday.

I do hope to be able to increase our flock soon.

No Posts Yesterday

No Posts yeaterday as for some reason was playing up badly and just couldn't post.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cleaning Time

Just about to venture out into the sun to give the Bantam and Duck Pen as the heat is making it a little whiffy, not really smelly, but I have a sensitive nose, no one else can smell it.

New Chickens Coming tomorrow

The new Chickens are coming tomorrow and fine pair they are.

14 week old milly duccles

Veg From the Allotment

The girls went to water the allotment for me last night and came hoem with 2 Cabbages and 6 onions, which was lovely.

Okay I should point out they were not from my allotment, but given to them by one of the other allotment tenants. Very nice of him.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Its Hot, and I've got to go out

Well the weathers hotting up fast again, and I need to go out, and the have said tomorrow will be even hotter.

Swimming Bantam

One of our Bantams seems to have developed a love of water, having gone for yet another swim last night. Luckily Rosie was able to fish her out and dry her off.

Sunday - Carlton Gala

Sunday we attended Carlton Gala, much better layout and organisiation than Kendray.

Great weather if not a bit to hot.

Henry and Rosie both had a go on the inflatable climbing tower. Henry also blagged a free go on the paintballing.

And both managed to win a goldfish each, a bit surprised as I disn't know they still gave out Goldfish as prizes. So we now have Goldie and Fifi, that is very normal names for us.

More on the Weekend.

SAturday we attended Kendray Gala, a bit disappointted with the general running and layout, not help by the torrential rain at lunch time.

Kids had a good time on the whole, and we ended up with loads of great Cotton Bags for free, so can't really complain.

Also finally got round to buying a hanging basket.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Well the heats back

Had another very busy weekend, with two Galas.

Jamie is now away on a cadet course for a week.

More later.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Heat Has gone

Yes at last the weather has changed, its lovely and cool today, can go outside without being boiled alive.

The plants are happier, as are the birds.

And its Rosie's sports day today, so will not get sunburnt watching it now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Google Earth

Found our allotment on google earth last night, fairly cool seeing it from above.

This picture was taken about 3 years ago we think, judging from development of the site and the surrounding area not visable on here.

Family Trip to allotment

We all went down to the allotment last night to do some digging, plant some beans and potatoes.

One of the other alltomenters gave us a lovely big cabbage.

The heat at the moment is incredible, can't believe we are now having to water the plants 2 or 3 times a day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mini Pond

Above some pictures of our new mini pond.

Monday, July 17, 2006

A very busy few days.

No posts since Thursday, oh dear.

Had a very busy few days., for a change.

Friday spent most of the day plating and sowing on the allotment, must get some photos, as its finally looking like an allotment now, with plants growing (other than weeds).

Saturday spent the day in Barnsley for the Carnival, great day, but far to hot, some of the kids got a little burned, even I caught the sun.

Sunday took the cockerells back to the breeder as agreed to swap for two hens (I think one is a cock, but not related to the girls), Rosie came with us and instantly fell in love with the donkey and the sheep.
Then it was off to Barnsley to fit Bobs new radiators, an hour in their huge garden, what a waste, no veg, no animals, I'd love their garden.
Then back to Pontefract for the licorice Festival, not as good as previous years, so off to the historic Vechical show, not as good as an agricultural show but still good, even though Andy wouldn't let me buy the small plough I wanted.

Back home we made a mini pond with the plants I brought for the duck pond, but didn't use when we realised that the ducks would eat them, so now we have a mini container pond in the back garden, pictures to follow.

Ants, argh I hate ants, they were flying so it was all bantams on deck to eat them quick, they did a great job and must have polished off several hundred from 4 nests in the garden.

And then just when it was all calming down, one of the new hens decided to try out swimming, she just jumped into the duck pond, luckily I was able to help her out, whilst getting covered in dirty pond water myself.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

More duck pictures

Having just been told by a breeder that my ducks are very poor quality and are in actual fact two drakes and a girl, I'm now feeling a little annoyed.
I do think this person might just be a bit of a snobby show bird person, who is just bitching, but still, there is no need to be nasty.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The cat is not impressed with all these birds arriving, not least because he is scarred of the Bantams, and not sure what the ducks are.

Poor old Pirate

More Duck Pictures

Just an excuse to show lots more pictures of the kids and the ducks.

Found More Hedgehogs

Jamie was clearing out the old leaves etc behind the wheelie bins.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ducks in the water

The ducks are enjoying their pond.


Found an unusual vistor to our garden today a baby hedgehog.


The Ducks are here we picked them up last night.

At first they just stood in the corner of the pen, but after about 15 minutes one by one they jumped in the pond, and then spent most of the night there.

This morning the Bantams and the cat got their first look at the ducks, the bantams ran back to their house and hid, the cat just wanted to get closer, strange really as he is scarred of Bantams.

The ducks are now sleeping, having had a good breakfast.

Monday, July 10, 2006

OrganicGardening Magazine

Got my copy at last and the kids are on page 47.

Podding Peas

Rosie and Henry enjoyed podding pease for me last night ready for dinner.

Another fairly busy weekend

Well despite me being fairly useless due to my back, we still had a fairly busy weekend.

Saturday we visited Earnshaws again for wood and fencing materials. We decided against the chicken wire and instead got brush screaning (we will see if it works, I have Chicken wire in the garage).

Andy and Jamie then started on the fencing.

Sunday it was off to the DIY shop again to get the bits we forgot Saturday, then the rocks to go round the pond.

The pond was then finished, followed by the fencing and then the duck house made.

The last job putting the sign above the door.

So tonight we pick up the 3 6 week old Khaki campbell ducks.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Part finished Jar of Fresh Home Made Strawberry Jam

Well my Jam Jars arrived yesterday from Lakeland, very impressed only ordered them on Monday, and they said 5-7 days for standard delivery. So good service.

Sterilsed them straight away and finishe of the Jam, filled all 12 jars.

One is almost all gone, one was given to mother in law last night when she babysat for us, at this rate it will all be gone by the end of the week.

Never mind we will just have to go Strawbeery Picking again.


Went to see a lady last night who has 3 Khaki Campbell ducks for sale (6 weeks old), they are lovely, she says we can have them when we are ready, just need to get home ready for them now.

Can't wait.

Argh, My Back

Okay getting sick of the pain in my back now, can't do anything at the allotment or get oin with the fencing or house for ducks.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Horse Manure

Jamie went to the local farm last night and asked about Manure, they were only to happy for him to take as much as he wanted.

So he walked up to the farm with his wheelbarrow, and the down to the allotment with the manure.

Rosie's Photos

Rosie has got her photos back from her trip to the Countryside day with school, looks like it was a really good day out.

With otters, dancing sheep, owls and bee keeping to name just a few of the things they saw.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wahoo! The first Compost Bin is Here

Yeah knock at the door a couple of hours ago, and it was my compost bin.

Okay so Monday the supervisor promised me that both would be here this week, but ones here and thats a start.

Just tipped all the bags of waste in to it so its now heating up nicely.


Spent last evening at the allotment getting the first bed ready for planting, was supposed to be going down today, but can't as I have down my back in again.

Rosie and Henry in Print

Rosie and Henry will definatly be in the August edition of Organic Gardening, they recieved an envelope yesterday with 12 packets of Organic seeds, vegtables and flowers.

Can't wait till Thursday so I can get this months edition.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Its Hot

Its so hot I'm having to water the seedlings 4 times a day.

Monday, July 03, 2006

First Harvest

Forgot to say yesterday we reaped the first fruits of our labours, okay it wasn;'t huge, but we grow it.

Are you ready we had our first radish, fresh from the garden.

PS Almost forgot,

As we were leaving Skipton we passed the trailer used by the family that had domne the Sheep Dog demonstration.

Henry went to ask the boy if he could have a look at his ducks, Henry being totally in love with Runner Ducks. The boy said yes and got a baby duck out for the kids to hold.

An experience described by Henry as "Its amazing"

A Busy weekend - Part 3 The pond

Jamie finished digging the pond. He then lined the pond and the kids filled it.

A very busy weekend- Part 2 Sunday


Sunday was just as busy as Saturday, with us setting off early to Skipton for the sheep day.

The high street of Skipton filled with a farmers market, and various sheep displays. The kids enjooyed displays of sheepdog, hand shearing, hearding ducks and street theatre.

They sampled cheese and jam, and watched lace making, spinning and clog making. The y also saw and stroked Birds of Pray, Ferrets and Rats.

Henry and Rosie ended up on stage during the street theatre perfomance, of the tale of Tommy Lee.

A very busy weekend- Part 1 Saturday

Well another very busy weekend.


Starting Saturday morning we all went Strawberry Picking, we ended up with two full baskets (4kg) of strawberries and buying some gooseberries and raspberrires.

So we dropped some off at the mother in laws house, Henry did his best to et as many as possible. We then made Strawberry tarts, and strawberry jam (this is still in process as I chose a very old fashioned way of doing it).

Then it was off to the farm shop at Hazlehead Hall farm, Penistone. Fresh crea, vegatables and meat for the BBQ, before a look at the ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys, pigs and lambs on the farm.

Then home to start work on the pond in the front garden, Rosie cleared the stones, ready for Jamie to dig.

Andy and I went to the allotment while Rosie, Susu and Henry went to feed the ducks on the village pond. Andy constructed the first of the raised beds, ready for the seedling to go into.

Jamie then started work on the pond, the top soil he removed was bagged ready to go to the allotment and into the raised bed. He did a really good job and was thrilled to find a 1937 three pence coin.

The day finished with a lovely BBQ and a water fight while watering the very dry garden.