Friday, October 12, 2007

Little Paws Pet Hotel

The Children (supervised by me) have decided to turn the experience to good use and run a small animals boarding hotel.

They have named their venture Little Paws Pet Hotel, and made a blog link in title.

All the money they make will be used by them towards our animals.

And then it was gone

Last night when it was time to make sure the birds were all locked up, my youngest daughter could not find one of the birds (named angel), the three older kids spent ages searching for her, they checked bushed and trees in case she had gone broody or decidd to roost some where strange. In the end I told them to come in it was dark, and so they were not going to find her.

This morning the birds were all let out, still she was missing. Secretly I thought maybe we had had a fox visit.

This afternoon I go out to the garden and have a search, no sign, till I decided to turn over an upside down bucket, as soon as I did out popped a rather scruffy damp looking hen with a bit of cramp, she is now swalking round the garden trying to strch her aching legs and wings. Stupid Chicken

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The allotment

Well the bits that survived the floods are doing well, the sweetcorn looks good, as do the pumpkins.