Thursday, September 20, 2007

For Sale Muscovy Ducklings

Hi I have 5 Male (I think) and possibly also a female available, Lavender Muscovy ducklings for sale, 6 weeks old, very friendly.

Outside reared

Friday, September 14, 2007

The New Incubator is here

Okay so its arrived now, got it set up and working, happy the temperature control is good, humiditiy seems constant, so now I'm ready to go, just need some eggs.

I have loads of fertile quail eggs, bot don't really want more quail, have fertile duck eggs, but again don't really want more ducks. So what shall I do? Has anybody got any eggs for sale or to swap?

Thanks in adavnce

Mixing the birds

Introducing the birds and they all seem fine except for one on the wynadottes who is very agressive to all the other birds, will have to watch heras she seems a bit of a bully.

Norfolk Rare Breeds Centre · Rare and traditional breeds of Cattle, Pigs and Poultry

Interesting site, think I may get some eggs from them.

Norfolk Rare Breeds Centre · Rare and traditional breeds of Cattle, Pigs and Poultry

New Birds

Well the new Birds are here from Ann, with 3 more from Amanda arriving tomorrow.

Yesterdays arrivals are
4 Partridge Wynadottes
1 Petty little unknown
and a quad of Plymouth Rock X Sussex Crosses

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Birds

Our new birds have just arrived, pictures soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Missing Goat

Today will out in thegarden trying to repair orur lawn, I was busy while Henry was playing. After a while Henry went in to do some work. a little while later I realised that I was a goat missing, I searched High and Low and couldn't find it., strange I thought as our garden has no gate. The doors were all closed ao it couldn't have wondered into the Garage.

So I go inside to look out of an upstairs window hoping to get a better view, and there in the living room is a goat, sat down chewing the cud and watching Bargain Hunt. Can you believe he had walked into the Laundry, then the Conservatory and then plonked himself down in front of the TV. Seems Henry had left the backdoor open while in thetoilet and only closed it when he had finished, but he must have walked past the gaot and not noticed.

KIDS Goat and Human,

Foot & Mouth

Just heard that there is another suspected case in Surry, the Animal Health sem to be taking it seriously as they are culling the herd.

Cool New Cursers

Sorry couldn't resist playing with these cursers, you should hopefully at the moment have a plant that grows and then flowers.

On my other blog is a littl chick.

Katherine Takes a swim

Just finished uploading a short film of Katherine our female Muscovy taking a dip in a nice bucket of fresh water.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Forum For Goat Owners

Great new forum just for goat owners in the UK, check it out here

Monday, September 10, 2007


Well the pond is pretty much finished, needs nice stones round it, the ducks and goose have already tried it and seem to like it.


Well after about 3 hous the pond was filled and ready, and some stones laid around the edge, we will get some decent ones in a few days when it has had time to settle. The ducks and goose were in it within minutes.

New Pond

Finally having lived in this house for over 3 months, we finally have a pond.

Jamie and I spent about 3 house, digging, having changed the location twice after we found concrete 8 inches down.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Goat Playground

The goats need a playground, so I'm now on the look out for cable drums, pallets, or even a little tikes playground.

The Allotment

They allotment seems to be going fairly well despite the floods earlier in the year, when it was flooded.

I lost all my root vegtables and most of my brasicas, but the leeks and sweetcorn seem to be holding on.


Having noticed Cutlass' ear problem I then discovered Sabre's ear was also damaged, not as bad as Cutlass', so I had to sneak up again with the spray while they were asleep.

Sabre now not only has a purple ear, but also two purpla stripes down his face, and resembles Adam Ant (that makes me sound old, but I was just a child when he was famous).

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Goats and Health

Noticed Tuesday that Cutlass seemed a little depressed,so had a closer look and he appears to have caught his stupid ear tag on something, and the wound has got a little infected, so it was out with the Purple spray. to say he was unimpressed is an understatement, it took to us os to spray his ear, so we now have a goat with a purple ear.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Plum Jam

Having discovered that we had plum trees in our garden I decided to have a go at making plum jam. Now I made jam last summer, Strawberry and Gooseberry, both were okay.

But the Plum Jam was great, and I don't even like Jam.


Fresh on the heels of my jam making success, I decided to try making marmalade, that and the fact I brought to many oranges this week, so I know have a pan of orange goo bubbling on the cooker.